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"In Botha's work, geography and soul are charted on the same map.This is the contemplative life as road movie, where details one might consider trivial, the moment-to-moment dislocation of daily existence contain hidden epiphanies."
- Miles Keylock, Mail&Guardian 22/10/2009

Delft Blue/Water Letters
Delft Blue/Water Letters - Lien Botha, Garonne River, Bordeaux, August 2014

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Oh, so Irma! Exhibition brings Stern's eccentricities to life, Melvyn Minaar, Mail&Guardian, 22 October 2014

Nuwe blik op lewe en werk van Stern, Laetitia Pople, die Burger , 7/10/2014

The Stern Exchange, Opening speech by Professor Michael Godby

The Stern Exchange, UCT Irma Stern Museum, October 4 - 28, 2014

Botha attended 'Vaisseau Fantome - Les Revenants' workshop in Bordeaux, France during August 2014, courtesy : Mc2a