Boxing Days

Boxing Days comprises twenty six works. In this series of ten floor pieces and sixteen related wall pieces, Lien Botha has created a body of imagery which allowed her to synthesise her sensory creative concerns, personal experiences, interest in language, and speculations on historical processes and societal behaviour. The artworks, developed around the theme 'Boxing Days', explore action and passivity within structures of containment. They investigate levels of injury and violation, and the ways in which damage is processed and dealt with socially. The works raise troubling questions about behavioural norms and levels of tolerance for violence, deviance and apparent normality. These images are raised obliquely through fragments of information, signs, references and traces of activity, while relationships are established by physical connections and processes of joining, binding, sewing and pinning materials and images.

Nothing too small for the poachers
Condition on admission
He sinks
Automatic Teller Machine
Gift Tree
Dead Pillows
A Mute Messenger
Belmont Station
Boxing Days Poster
Installation View - Grahamstown