Parrot Jungle
June 2009

The road goes nowhere really. I perceived it to have a beginning in Betty's Bay with an estimated half-way at the Cymbiflora Parrot sign and finally ending in the area of the Company Gardens , Cape Town . But this is not quite the way of my particular road map. It was meant to be a drive-by revisited; at last being able to return to some of the fugitive sites which were lost when I was on my way to a shoot or something else. Always something else: in lieu of the thing you actually want to do. This time I was going to return. And in returning the detours emerged because one had a certain sense of deliverance, an undesignated destination. For all the drive times when Roger Waters drowned bad news from the broadcaster or for the times when the rain would make the road invisible, or for the roadkill I couldn't face or for the pedestrians walking, wondering where to, and the stray dogs and the fragile site hut before it disappeared into the road we may soon be travelling on..

It more or less circumnavigates the route I have come to know, punctuated by particular individuals who have a resonance personally or strategically. Helene Lambert's Histoire des Jardins survived the Congo and Lebo Diale was my last tenant in St Martini Gardens.

Helene Lambert's book, Betty's Bay
South African Museum, Cape Town
Maggie Laubser Street, Strand
Panthera Leo, South African Museum, Cape Town
Liza in Irma Stern's studio, Rosebank Cape Town
Italian Club, Milnerton
Helene Lambert's daughters, Betty's Bay
Moonflower stain from plant-press book, Betty's Bay
Gloria and Glenda, Proteadorp, Kleinmond